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HomeCall participates in Toys for Tots program
HomeCall Christmas

Employees of HomeCall, the oldest home health agency in the area, chose to exchange gifts differently this year.

Instead of purchasing token gifts, or making homemade goodies for dozens of co-workers, the organization decided to follow the advice from a Dear Abby column.  So like the Dear Abby reader, the staff drew names, and bought a toy that reminded them of the recipient.  Some were based on positive personality traits; others, on individualized quirks. 

 The group gathered Wednesday, December 14, to open the gifts.  After the laugh-filled party, the unwrapped toys were donated to Toys for Tots for distribution.

 "We enjoy this so much," stated Administrator, Kay Stewart.  "We could have guessed who most of the toys were meant for - we didn't really need the gift tags. We learned just how well we know each other."

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Last updated: 3-4-2008