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Latest patient satisfaction survey results are in
The latest findings from the National Patient Satisfaction Benchmark System, or Pat/Stat, are here. Results say that patients are highly satisfied with their HomeCall experiences!
The Pat/Stat is currently one of the largest and most respected patient satisfaction and benchmarking systems available. It is used to measure how patients perceive their services received by their selected home health care agency. The results are then compared to other agencies throughout the nation. For more information about the Pat/Stat system, go to www.fazzi.com and select a category under the Pat/Stat tab located at the top of the web site.
Patients have responded in a highly positive and satisfactory manner regarding the services they received from HomeCall. When compared to agencies across the country, HomeCall meets or exceeds the national benchmark. The results below are shown in graphical form with a brief explanation.

What do patients think about their care experience with HomeCall of Stillwater, Inc.?

This graph indicates that 100% of our patients were either very satisfied or completely satisfied with our services. There were no patients who responded negatively or neutral to this part of the survey. Patients were asked to rate their level of satisfaction based on a 5 point scale ranging from very dissatisfied to completely satisfied.

The next graph compares HomeCall's results with other agencies across the country.

How does my agency compare with others?

    HCofSt.=HomeCall of Stillwater                               NDB=National Database

HomeCall's satisfaction rating is significantly higher than the average rating for agencies across the nation. HomeCall scores 100% compared to the national average of 92.2%

Is overall satisfaction changing?

This graph indicates any changes in satisfaction over the last four reporting periods. HomeCall has consistently remained at or above the national average.


How does patients' experience with our care compare with patients' experience in other agencies?


The results shown here indicate that patients who have received HomeCall's services are highly likely to recommend HomeCall's services to others or choose HomeCall's services again if needed. Once again, this likelihood is significantly higher than the national average.

The results shown here have been tabulated through August 2005 and are the latest results available.



Last updated: 3-4-2008