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Oklahoma Association of Home Care Outcome Reports

The Oklahoma Association for Home Care and The Council of State Home Care Associations distribute high quality data reports to our members every month as a member benefit. This month we are pleased to send you reports from these donor vendors – BKD, SHP, and Lewis.

From BKD: Updated figures on average episode payments for various episode variations. This is a statewide report with detailed definitions explaining the data.

From Lewis: The Quarterly update of the OASIS Outcomes data. This is a HHA specific report with value-added information including, but not limited to, a comparison to your competition’s outcomes (in the Market column) and a snapshot of your outcomes history (in the last column).

From SHP: A report which shows the accuracy of MO825 responses and the need to coordinate therapy visits with RAP and final claims submissions to maximize reimbursement.

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Last updated: 3-11-2008